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Law Bike - Charles W. Watwood, Jr.

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Thank you for visiting our web site. We encourage you to contact us if you would like more information or need to discuss a specific situation.

Charles W. Watwood, Jr.

425 East Crossville Road, Suite 101
Roswell, Georgia 30075
Phone: 770-650-0016
Toll Free: 1-866-529-2453
Fax: 770-998-2541

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We receive numerous requests on a monthly basis for donations to many worthy causes. Although we cannot donate to each and every organization or cause, we would like to be of service to as many of these as possible.

If you are requesting a donation, please complete the following application so that we may determine if we are able to contribute to your cause.

Please note that Chuck Watwood & LawBike promotes and/or sponsors many events throughout the year. Coordination of multiple events requires staff, time, and funding, which is limited. This means that although we would like to sponsor/donate to all events, some requests must be denied due to unavailable resources and budget constraints. If we are able to help your cause, we will contact the organization directly by the date you have requested.'s Other sites:

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Charles Watwood

(770) 650-0016
Fax: (770) 998-2541

425 East Crossville Road
Suite 101
Roswell, GA 30075